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The Country Club of St. Albans History

In early1988, a consortium of investors purchased 5,400 acres surrounding the village of St. Albans. The idea was that development would start in about 8-10 years, with planning concepts to be established at a later date.


At about the same time, the membership of Cherry Hills Golf Club was coming to grips with a decision with what to do with their club. The clubhouse needed to be removed or torn down and completely rebuilt. The club occupied only 159 acres and there had been some discussion within the club about relocating to a more suitable property. In November of 1988, the membership of Cherry Hills voted to approve the move to St. Albans.


After discussions with three noted golf course architects (Tom Fazio, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf), the St. Albans partners selected the firm of Weiskopf and Morrish to design the Lewis and Clark course. Construction of the course began in the summer of 1991 and the course opened in November 1992. The new clubhouse was constructed at a cost of $6,375,000 and was also opened in November 1992.


Also included in the original negotiations was a provision for a second golf course. In 1993, the golf course architectural team of Dr. Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry was engaged to design the second course, Tavern Creek. Construction on the third nine began in the summer of 1994, and it opened in late summer of 1995. The fourth nine construction began in February 1996 and opened in June 1997.


Concurrent with the construction of the Tavern Creek fourth nine, the clubhouse was expanded to its current configuration and was completed in May 1998.


The Country Club of St. Albans is a fine country club and its courses are ranked by Golf Digest with both courses being rated in the Top 10 in the state of Missouri. Most recently, the Club’s Lewis and Clark Course hosted the 2009 USGA Men’s State Team Championship and was once again selected by the USGA to host the US Open Men’s Regional Qualifier in June 2010.

Our Club Environment


Much of the character of The Country Club of St. Albans stems fromthe magnificence that surrounds us.  No other club can boast the natural beauty of our rolling hills and wooded terrain this close to St. Louis.  Nestled within valleys that were once home to a wildlife refuge, The Country Club of St. Albans was designed with a true reverence for the rich history of the area.


St. Albans’ 5,400 acres bear many symbols of the past, from the Civil War-era graves that dot the property to the striking stone homes designed by Theodore Lind, famed architect of St. Louis Union Station.  Club planners worked hard to meticulously preserve these historic remnants and incorporate then into the unique tapestry of St. Albans.


The award-winning course designers also embraced the natural surroundings preserving natural habitats for hundreds of wildlife and plant species that call St. Albans home.  As a result, a visit to St. Albans is a retreat to an unspoiled reserve, safeguarded for generations to come.