"St. Albans and it's History, Folklore, Golf and Characters"

"St. Albans and it's History, Folklore, Golf and Characters" details the history, notable incidents, pioneers, and Civil War Cemeteries of St. Albans in story form beginning with the visit by Lewis and Clark on the second day of their Expedition. The book details events from 1804 thru 1960, including a famous murder!   With sixteen chapters, 120+ professionally edited photos (many near two-hundred years old), maps, etc. capturing the stories of our area’s original pioneers, their descendants, and other noteworthy incidents.  Some of the stories include murder, kidnapping, tragedies, evictions, local Civil War history, and the lifestyles of the “St. Louis Elite” at the turn of the 20th century.

Using the spectacular art of four nationally renowned local artists’ illustrations of St. Albans, this book allows you to experience St. Albans through the eyes of the pioneers.  Bryan Haynes captures landscapes, Michael Haynes illustrates historic people, Gary Lucy details boats, and the late Phil Brinkman’s art, who had become renowned for his fighter plane nose art during WWII on the B-24 Bombers.

Credited in the Bibliography is four years of extensive research and collaboration with sixteen area museums, history societies, research librarians, curators, and countless others.

Learn about our hallowed ground on the Missouri River bluffs that lay under our feet and on the shores of our famous streams.  Books are available for $60 (check or credit card) at the Country Club of St. Albans.  To purchase a book, please contact the Pro Shop at (636) 458-3062 Wednesday through Sunday 8AM to 4PM.


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